Syllable Counter

Count number of syllable in a Paragraph, Sentence, Word, Poem, Lyrics etc.

How it work?

First of all you need to enter the desired word in input box.

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What is Syllable Counter?

Syllable Counter helps you to count syllables in a sentence. Our website uses different algorithms to count syllable in a word. You can input multiple lines at once, like poems or lyrics, haiku, sonnet, etc. This website shows results instantly, without any reloading that makes it easier to use. Please note our website may not be completely accurate all the times, but we are keep on improving our backend to make it more accurate day by day.


Our Features

More Accurate

Our Syllable counter tool is more accurate than other syllable counter tools available. We use AI technology to count syllables in a word or sentence.

Export Data

You can easily export output results to a CSV file. Enter the search term in the box, then click on "Export CSV" option.

Realtime counter

Our syllable counter tool calculates the number of syllables in a word or sentence without reloading the page.

What is Syllable?

In simple words, a word or part of a word which contains one vowel sound. In other words, A syllable is a part of a word that contains a single vowel sound and that is pronounced as a unit. So, for example, ' book' has one syllable, and ' reading' has two syllables.

Our Faqs

Syllable counter helps you to calculate vowel sounds in a word. This is helpful while writing poem, lyrics, etc.